Tesla expands Powerwall installations to Japan


Tesla is adding a rare new market to its Powerwall deployment. The home battery pack is now available for installation in Japan.

When it comes to demand, the Powerwall has been an extremely popular product for Tesla, but the deployment has been somewhat limited.

Earlier this year, a report showed that Tesla Powerwall captures a majority of mindshare in the home battery market but Tesla can’t deliver on the demand.

Tesla said that its energy division was battery cell starved last year as it was focusing battery cell supply to Model 3 production.

In 2019, the company started to ramp and as of earlier this year, it announced that Powerwalls have now been installed at over 50,000 locations.

However, installations are still limited to only some markets where it makes sense financially based on the cost of electricity and connecting the home battery pack to a solar installation.

Tesla has been gradually introducing the Powerwall to new markets and today, it announced that the product is coming to Japan.

Shinji Asakura, Tesla country manager for energy products in Japan, told the media in Japan (via Reuters):

“Tesla believes that the Japanese home battery market has big growth potential,”

The executive said that the introduction comes as feed-in-tariffs to guarantee minimum power prices for solar are going to start to expire later this year.

Aside from the financial benefits, Asakura also noted that Powerwall’s backup power capability could prove popular in Japan where natural disasters have result in power outages.

Tesla Powerwall costs 990,000 yen ($9,135) in Japan with all the necessary hardware.

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